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Baby Layettes

Don’t forget that in February we will be collecting items for baby layettes. If you see a bargain, please bring it in and give to Bertha Campbell (893-9808) or give to a greeter.

Baby Kit (Layette):
4 Cloth Diapers
2 Shirts
2 Washcloths
2 Gowns or Sleepers
2 Diaper Pins
1 Sweater or Sweatshirt
2 Receiving Blankets
(1 can be a knitted blanket)

Disaster survivors need essential items to reclaim their homes and lives. Through the White Cross you can help prepare special recovery kits that provide both tangible assistance to people in need and show that neighbors near and far truly care. The contents of these kits are small things but having or not having them can make a world of difference in an on-going development program or when disaster strikes. Would you help Church World Service build an inventory of baby kits?

–Bertha Campbell