First Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio

2010: Cap Haïtien, Haiti

First Baptist will be sending a team of eleven people to Cap Haitien this summer. We will be flying to Fort Lauderdale on Friday, July 30th and staying there overnight in order to catch a 6:00 AM flight directly to Cap Haitien. We will be returning home on Saturday, August 7th. Cap Haitien is a city of almost 200,00 on the north shore of Haiti. It has a rich history as a sea port.

At this time we understand that the team will be helping to rebuild the roofs of some of the dormitories at one of the universities in Cap Haitien that were damaged during the earthquake. The team will be working in conjunction with American Baptist International Ministries and with Nzunga Mabudiga, who spoke at our church this spring. As with all mission trips the team will be faithful in serving these people in any way that we can. Please pray for us as we prepare for this trip, during our travel and while we are in Haiti. The team members are: Mike, Dale, Josh, and Joe Braun, Heather and Todd Keith, Mara Krall, Judy Malen, Dennis Metzger, Laurin Sprague, Cathi Thomas, John Wallace, Mark Whipple, and Lillie Wilson. Thank you.

–Laurin Sprague & Mike Braun