First Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio

2009: Richwood, West Virginia

17 members of our congregation will be working with World Servants and other church groups at Richwood, West Virginia. Richwood is one of the most impoverished areas in the nation. Our mission team will be working alongside local residents and mission teams from California and Virginia. Plans are to do home repair, roof homes, assist with a sports camp for children and to possibly do a women’s ministry that week. This trip is intergenerational and will include participates from all age groups. The team members are: Jordan Allen, Mike & Dale Braun, Dwain Brewer, Darin Chamberlain, Allen Hampton, Mindy Hazelwood, Nella Hurst, Barb Keith, Mandy Scott, Ray Sizemore, Aleesha Spence, Laurin, Lisa, & Alexander Sprague, Mark Whipple, and Lil Wilson. They will leave First Baptist early afternoon Sunday, July 19th and return Saturday, July 25th.

We are excited about this opportunity to serve these people and to fulfill the Great Commission. Please pray for our team members and the families they will serve.

Thank you!

–Laurin Sprague & Mike Braun