First Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio

2006: Alabama Report

During the week of July 17th, twenty-two members and friends of First Baptist served as short-term missionaries to the people of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Bayou La Batre is south of Mobile and is predominately tied to the fishing and shrimping industry. The people in this community suffered destruction from Hurricane Ivan in 2005 and Hurricane Katrina last year.

Our group was fortunate to be able to assist with four different projects. The first was to reconstruct the interior of a home for a family that is still living in FEMA trailers. This included roof repair, wiring, plumbing, replacing flooring and doing interior work for their bathrooms and a new bedroom. Other work included assisting with a community clothing give-away, installing a trailer skirt and painting a home.

We were thankful to be able to call Mobile’s Grace Presbyterian Church our temporary home. The church is about 20 miles from Bayou La Batre. Members of Grace’s 38-member congregation joined with us in a communion service and provided delicious meals, including breakfasts and lunches, for us. We are truly thankful for their service and commitment to the numerous mission teams that visit their church.

We wish to thank everyone who prayed for us and contributed to this mission trip through individual donations, the Easter offering and Vacation Bible School.

Mission team members included: Amber Allen, Dale, Joey, Mark & Mike Braun, Dwain & Sharon Brewer, Mike Click, Sharon French, Todd Keith, Jen & Mara Krall, Andrea & Lynette Moorehead, Jared Morris, Ray Sizemore, Laurin & Lisa Sprague, Cathi Thomas, Doug Wallace, Jennifer Weisbecker, and Lil Wilson.

-Laurin Sprague