Awana Clubs


Awana is dedicated to reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and training them for Christian service.

Awana is a Bible-based, Christ-centered program for children in preschool through sixth grade. Awana Club meets every Wednesday, 6:30 – 8:00 P.M., throughout the school year.

cubbies_title Ages 3 and 4
sparks_title K through 2nd grade
tt_logo 3rd through 6th grade

Awana meetings have three distinct segments:

Game Time offers unique games played on an Awana game circle with a four-team design to offer maximum participation while developing good teamwork and sportsmanship.

Handbook Time offers children an opportunity to recite verses from memory to a one-on-one trained leader, while developing their understanding of Scripture and how it applies to their lives. A series of awards and trophies reward achievements at each level as children progress.

Council Time offers a time for children to gather for singing, announcements, receiving awards, participate in a Bible lesson, and learn more about serving God.

For more information about First Baptist Church Awana Clubs, email Claire Metzger, Awana Commander, or call the church office at 513-868-1412.

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